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    Friday, September 4, 2009

    Swag 101 @ Glaskat 9.3.2009

    Even though the Bay Bridge closing caused some havoc these companies still managed to throw a decent party!! Kudos to Bayhype, CitySwag and New Era.

    P.S. message for Cindy Chan : I do remember you and I looked for you on Facebook but I just couldn't find you....sorries if you could add me that would be great. There's a link to your right. =)

    Now onto the good stuff.... these are the Hightlights of the night. The pictures you never wanna be in. Payback for the *print screen* from yesterday Gino. mauahahahahah

    Enjoy folks...

    Click HERE for full album.

    wow guys....just wow.....
    Gino gets punched in the nuts by greg....
    Gino texting someone on my phone....FML
    Pj gets a full bottle of water thrown at his sac....
    and the best for last.... Greg holding Kims purse.....LOLOL

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